Emma Cresswell

Head Trainer
Emma Cresswell

I’m Emma, I’m head trainer and owner . I have over 20 years experience in this industry, I love training myself and have a passion for passing on my experience and knowledge to those who want advice, support and motivation to reach their goals.

My qualifications include a degree in Sport and Human Movement, and since then numerous vocational qualifications including Olympic weightlifting coach, level 4 sports massage, Postural analysis, Gp Referral to exercise,  numerous nutritional courses, and a number of workshops, training sessions and research with and through coaches in this industry whom I regard to as market leaders.

My main sports include powerlifting, which I have competed on an International level, skiing, surfing (and any other water or snow sport for that matter!) I learnt to ski at the age of 4 and my experience in this sport, has enabled me to develop a great training program for those who are new to the sport or who are improvers.  I have trained a race skier with this program, who after completing the program believed to be at his fittest than ever before.

I have also trained for a fitness competition.  I managed to strip my bodyfat to under 12% in approximately 8 weeks, this experience has enabled me to develop a highly effective exercise and diet plan that anyone can do in 12 weeks with great results, known as the Body Change Challenge!

My track record with clients speaks for itself.  With achievements from 6 1/2 stone weight loss to Welsh record breaking for women, and from increasing muscle mass to getting athletes race fit for the men. To date, I Have trained 5 Welsh athletes and my 15 years+ experience has led me to meet and help hundreds of amazing people.  I have a number of long term clients who I have worked with regularly, some of whom have written testimonials about my work with them. I invite you to read these on the testimonials page before deciding on whether I’m the right trainer for you.