Perfect Balance offers a mobile spray tanning service that is the most easy and convenient way for you to get that natural, glowing tan, all year round.  A fully trained technician can visit your home and you can be ‘tanned’ in minutes!

Perfect Balance uses the product A-Tan.  A-Tan uses organic ingredients and can be matched to your skin tone to ensure that you get a natural looking tan every time… No fake orange tinge!

Perfect Balance now stocks RAPID TAN. Wash off in 1-3hrs depending on depth of tan required! No more tan covered bed sheets!

It is fast drying, quick to apply and the technician can be in and out of your house in less than 20minutes!  Better than going to the salon… and much cheaper!

Call Emma on 07966 075536 for more details on this product.

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Want a free Spray tan?! If you have a spray tan party and get 5 others to come and have a tan, you will get your tan for free! Perfect for before an event/birthday/holiday!

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